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Class actions are powerful, though often misunderstood, types of legal action. By streamlining many similar claims against a single company or entity into one case, they save time and effort for all involved parties. They also eliminate the need for individual workers or consumers to repeatedly argue the same case. 

Class action litigation has the power to bring justice to a large group of people who have been similarly affected by the illegal practices of a company, employer, or the government. It can also bring about accountability and change. 

Types of Class Action Cases

Some common types of class action cases include:

  • Wage & hour: These claims often involve wage theft, break violations, or employers misclassifying their employees as exempt or independent contractors.
  • Pay equity: Pay equity claims usually involve female employees receiving less pay for the same work as their male colleagues.
  • Employment discrimination: Employees who experience discriminatory policies or practices may be able to assert class action claims.
  • Housing discrimination: Current or prospective tenants may be able to assert claims against landlords for systemic violations or discriminatory policies and practices.
  • False advertising/misrepresentation: False advertising practices are unlawful under both federal and California laws that prohibit providing consumers with misleading or untrue information about products or services.

Experienced Class Action Lawyers Recommended by Other Attorneys

The attorneys at Olivier & Schreiber PC have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in class action cases. We understand how to build a successful claim and can help you determine the best course of action for your case.

Class action lawsuits can be complex, and most attorneys are unprepared to handle them. We frequently receive client referrals from other attorneys. We are honored to be trusted by our colleagues and work hard to maintain relationships with our fellow lawyers.

Our team is dedicated to assisting victims of illegal employment, consumer, or business practices. If you have been impacted by such conduct, contact us today to learn more about your legal options. 


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