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Employee Protections in San Francisco

California labor laws provide extensive protection to employees. In addition to certain protections under federal law, California employees have additional rights concerning sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and retaliation. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for employees to enforce these rights against their employers. If you believe that your legal rights as an employee were violated, you should contact an experienced employment law firm that can help protect your interests. 

The Laws that Protect Employees in San Francisco

San Francisco employees are protected by federal, state, and city laws.

The two main federal laws that afford rights to employees are the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The ADA makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate against qualified employees or job candidates with disabilities. The FMLA requires covered employers to provide employees with unpaid medical and family leave.

California’s labor laws mirror the ADA and FMLA while providing even greater protections for employees. Many of these rights are found within the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). The FEHA provides California employees with protections against discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.

The City of San Francisco has also enacted labor laws that provide an even greater level of protection for employees that work within the city limits.

This makes San Francisco employees some of the most protected workers in the entire country, as they enjoy three levels of legal protection.

An Employment Law Firm with Extensive Expertise

The attorneys at our firm have experience in many areas of employment law, including:

  • Employment Discrimination: Workplace discrimination based on race, age, disability, national origin, religion, or other characteristics.
  • Sexual Harassment or Assault: Including sexually explicit language, unwanted touching, and quid pro quo requests from a manager or supervisor.
  • Whistleblower/Retaliation: Termination or other negative actions for filing a claim against an employer or reporting suspected unlawful conduct in the workplace.
  • Wrongful Termination: A firing that is illegal, including a termination based on discrimination.  
  • Wage and Hour Issues: Including conduct like employee misclassification, wage theft, and unpaid commissions. 
  • Retirement Benefits/ERISA: The denial of retirement benefits as a result of unlawful conduct by employers or investment advisors, including hidden fees and inappropriate investments.

Why You Should Hire Our Firm

Olivier & Schreiber LLP is composed of skilled and experienced California litigators who are committed to promoting the rights of employees and workers. Our team of award-winning employment attorneys has recovered millions for our clients and has advanced worker protections through our advocacy. Some of our employment law outcomes include:

  • $5.4M jury verdict on behalf of workers who had been misclassified
  • $83M judgment for unpaid wages 
  • $1M settlement of sexual harassment claim
  • $200,000 settlement of sexual harassment and wrongful termination claim

Discuss Your Options for Retaining Legal Representation

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