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False claims, particularly in the legal and financial sectors, can have a profound and lasting impact on individuals. They can lead to financial loss, reputation damage, and emotional distress. Victims may spend considerable time and resources rectifying the situation, often having to navigate complex legal processes to seek justice. This underscores the importance of professional legal assistance when it comes to taking action against false claims. 

The Bay Area false claims attorneys at Olivier & Schreiber, PC, are your trusted legal partner in the fight against false claims. Our attorneys represent companies, individuals, and whistleblowers who have been harmed by false claims or other fraudulent activities. We understand that it is important to act quickly and vigilantly when dealing with false claims, which is why our lawyers always strive to provide the best possible legal advice at every stage of the process.

What Are False Claims?

False claims refer to fraudulent or deceptive actions made with the intent to obtain financial benefits from the government. These may include actions that mislead consumers, affecting their behavior and decisions regarding a specific product or service. Unlawful contractual terms, violations of privacy, and consumer protection laws also fall within this realm.

Under the Business and Professions Code Section 17500 of California law, it is unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or association, or any employee thereof, to make, disseminate or cause to be made or disseminated before the public in this state, in any advertising device, or by public outcry or proclamation, or in any other manner or means, false or misleading statements designed to induce the purchase of property or services. Violations of this section could result in legal action, fines, and penalties. At Olivier & Schreiber, PC, we are fully equipped to handle such cases, ensuring our clients are adequately represented, and their rights are protected in line with these statutes. We provide clear guidance and support, helping our clients understand their legal options and avoid potential liability.

Our Experience and Track Record

At Olivier & Schreiber PC, we pride ourselves on our successful track record in handling False Claims cases. Our team of seasoned attorneys has achieved positive results for our clients, including significant settlements and successful litigation. We are well-versed in both state and federal consumer protection laws, providing comprehensive legal services for clients in the Bay Area.

We are also experienced in handling appeals and have built a strong reputation in appellate law. Our commitment to professionalism, support, and delivering successful outcomes has earned us praise from our clients. Our dedication, knowledge, and passion for protecting workers’ rights and consumers are unmatched.

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At Olivier & Schreiber PC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and protecting the rights of workers, consumers, and the public in California and throughout the nation. Our team of attorneys stands ready to assist our clients in seeking justice and fair compensation in False Claims cases.

If you have been harmed by a false claim or other fraudulent activity, contact us today for a consultation. We are here to provide the support, guidance, and legal assistance you need to build an effective case and get the best possible outcome.


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