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When one person has hurt you, the legal process is pretty simple. You can file a claim against that person and hold them accountable for your injuries.

But what if you find out that you’re not the only person hurt by the defendant? What if you find out you are one of a hundred people who the defendant has hurt?

This is why class action lawsuits are so helpful. Call the Oakland class action attorneys at Olivier & Schreiber, LLP, to discuss your case today.

Reasons For Class Actions

When you and hundreds of people have been negatively affected by an organization, class actions are the best legal action to take. If you have been the victim of illegal business practices or employee discrimination, you will have a better chance of seeking compensation from a class action lawsuit.

Seeking a class action gives you a greater chance of being rewarded compensation than if you were to file an individual claim. It also helps you and the courts save time in pursuing every claim against the defendant. If every claim were to be pursued individually, that would affect the time it would take to prosecute your case and whether you will be compensated fairly.

What Is A Representative Plaintiff?

In a class action, the representative plaintiff will be the lead plaintiff who will file the lawsuit on the class’s behalf.

This representative plaintiff will be responsible for working closely with the class action lawyer and constantly communicating with the entire class.

A representative plaintiff will help bridge the gap between the class action lawyer and the other plaintiffs. You will have to be chosen as a representative plaintiff by the courts.

You will also be responsible for deciding what is best for your entire class as seriously as you would your interests.

Qualifications For Class Actions

To start the class action process, a court must certify a class.

For a class to be certified, the judge must agree that there are enough similarities between the plaintiffs.

Some of the qualifications needed for class certification include the following:

  • Number. There must be a significant number of plaintiffs that are suing the defendant. That is not enough if five or six plaintiffs try to sue the defendant. There must be so many plaintiffs that the courts cannot possibly file each claim independently.
  • Protecting the class’s best interests. With a class action lawsuit, a representative plaintiff will be selected. This representative plaintiff must be able to protect the class’s interests fairly. This means considering the best interests of the entire class.
  • Common issues. There must be a common question of law or fact that the plaintiffs have in common. For example, there must be a question as to whether all of the plaintiffs suffered employee discrimination from the defendant. If there are similar characteristics with the plaintiffs’ claims, that is grounds for class certification.

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