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When you work for someone, you should be judged on your ability to perform your job duties, not your skin color or gender. But so many employers continue to practice discrimination. When your employer discriminates against you in the workplace, they commit an illegal act. If this is the case, you deserve to be represented by an experienced Oakland discrimination lawyer from Olivier & Schreiber, PC.

Types Of Discrimination At The Workplace

There are so many ways that your employer can discriminate against you. The following types of discrimination are racial discrimination, gender and sexual orientation, and more.

Racial Discrimination

When you think of discrimination, you automatically think of discrimination based on race. Your employer can discriminate against you when they deliberately withhold equal employment opportunities against you because of your race.

Some examples of racial discrimination include:

  • Refusing to hire you based on your race
  • Implementing a policy that negatively affects people of a certain race
  • Refusing to share advancement opportunities with employees of a particular race
  • Treating employees of a particular race differently from other employees

Gender And Sexual Orientation

Another common form of discrimination is discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

When your employer withholds employment opportunities from you because of your gender or sexual orientation, that is a form of discrimination.

This includes discriminating against you based on your transgender status. Like racial discrimination, your employer can overlook you for certain promotions based on your gender or sexual orientation.

To prove that your employer discriminates against you based on gender or sexual orientation, there must be a clear gender or sexual orientation discrimination pattern.

Parental Status

Your employer can also discriminate against you based on your parental status. It’s inappropriate for your employer to ask about your marital or parental status.

With changes in the workplace, like remote work, employers must understand their employees’ ability to balance childcare with their job duties.

When your employer decides not to offer promotional opportunities to you because of your parental status, that is considered discrimination.

Employers can discriminate against parents based on outdated gender stereotypes.

For example, your employer could overlook you for a promotion because they feel that your status as a mother would prevent you from taking your responsibilities seriously.

Religious Discrimination

Your employer can also discriminate against you based on your religious beliefs. Employers are prohibited from encouraging conversations about religion and politics for obvious reasons.

But employers can often discriminate against you based on your religious beliefs in subtle ways. If you take time off to honor your religious holiday, for example, and your employer retaliates against you, that is an example of discrimination.

Suppose you work in an occupation that requires you to address the general public, and your employer tries to “hide” you because of your religious garments. In that case, that is an example of religious discrimination.

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