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If you are defending a verdict or judgment on appeal or appealing a lower court ruling against you, an experienced civil appeals attorney can help. If you are facing an appeal, it is important to speak with a team of reputable San Francisco civil apeals lawyers who are well-versed in appellate procedures and can help you present a convincing case.

The attorneys at Olivier & Schreiber LLP have decades of combined experience handling civil appeals and have achieved significant success on behalf of their clients in the appellate courts.  They have briefed, argued, and won several cases that have led to reported decisions for employees, consumers and victims of discrimination in the California Supreme Court, the California Courts of Appeal, and the United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

What is an Appeal?

A civil appeal is a type of case, in which the appellant asks a higher court to review a trial court’s decision. Appeals are not new trials with juries and witnesses, nor do they provide a chance to present one’s case all over again, or to introduce new evidence or witness testimony. Instead, appellate judges review the evidence submitted at trial to determine whether:

  • The lower court made an error; and
  • The mistake changed the court’s final decision.

In addition to the original evidence, appellate judges can also review the written arguments of both parties, which are referred to as appellate briefs. In some cases, the judges will also hold a hearing, at which point, both parties’ attorneys will be given the chance to argue their cases in person.

What Actions Can an Appellate Court Take?

Appellate courts cannot change a lower court’s ruling just because they disagree with it. They can, however, reverse a trial judge’s decision if they find that an important legal mistake was made at trial. If the court does issue a reversal, it will send the case back to the trial court with an order to:

  • Hold further proceedings, such as a new trial;
  • Correct and modify the earlier decision; or
  • Reconsider the facts of the case, consider the earlier judgment in light of the appellate decision, or assess additional evidence when making their determination.

If an appellant is unsuccessful, the appeals court generally will affirm the lower court’s ruling.

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If you are defending your judgment on appeal, or believe that a trial court made a serious error when deciding your case, please call the dedicated San Francisco civil appeals lawyers at Olivier & Schreiber LLP for help.


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