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If you’re an employee in San Francisco, you’re in the perfect place to file an employment law claim. California is the best state when it comes to exercising your employee rights.

Compared to other states, the California courts are more likely to side with employees who their employers have wronged. When your employer has violated your rights, reach out to Olivier & Schreiber LLP – the San Francisco employment law firm that caters to your needs.

Labor Law Violations

You must contact an employment lawyer when your employer violates labor law. Labor law violations are deliberate violations of an employee’s federal and state rights. There are certain actions that employers can’t take against you or ask you to do.

One of the common labor law violations involves paying employees minimum wage. Your employer must pay you the standard minimum wage, even if you don’t want them to. When your employer fails to pay you at the federal minimum wage, that is a violation against you.

Misclassification Of Employees

Another common labor law violation is misclassifying your employee status. Your status as an employee comes with certain responsibilities from your employer.

Your employer is responsible for how you work and any mistakes you make during employment. When you are in control of how you work, you are considered an independent contractor. Sometimes your employer could misclassify you as an independent contractor to receive tax cuts.

Being misclassified can affect your taxes and benefits. Independent contractors are responsible for the same taxes that your employers must pay for you. You will be responsible for paying those taxes when you are misclassified as an independent contractor.

Not Carrying Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Another labor law violation that seriously affects you is when your employer fails to carry workers’ compensation insurance. You will need workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs of your workplace accident.

Knowing you are eligible for these benefits can give you peace of mind that your injuries will be covered. An employer with a certain size of employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you find out your employer isn’t carrying workers’ compensation insurance, that is an act of negligence. Your employer is putting your safety and your coworkers’ safety at risk.

Not Paying For Work Breaks

You can also take your employer to court if they refuse to pay you for any breaks you worked through. Your employer can’t ask you to work through your work break, but if you choose to, that is an hour of work that you must be compensated for. When your employer fails to pay you for working through your break, that is a wage and hour violation.

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At Olivier & Schreiber LLP, we are passionate about enforcing your rights as an employee. If you think your employer has violated federal and state labor laws, fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation. You might be eligible for back pay if your employer was found to have violated employment law.


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