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 Resolving legal disputes by gathering both parties together to discuss and negotiate terms was not always a common practice. But today, attorneys and their clients routinely use this method, known as mediation, to reach an agreement in contested legal matters without going to court. While there is no one legal process that is right for every case, there are advantages to mediation that make it a good option for many plaintiffs and their attorneys. Monique Olivier is an experienced mediator who may be able to assist you in resolving your dispute.

When is Mediation Used?

Mediation is most often a voluntary process that parties in a legal matter initiate themselves. This can be done at nearly any point in the case. Mediation may be used, for example, early in a dispute where the parties are contemplating litigation, or later in a case when the parties are heading toward trial.

Mediation can be used for a variety of legal matters, from employment-related disputes like discrimination or wage and hour issues to consumer cases, to personal injury matters. This method of conflict resolution is growing in popularity, as more clients realize the benefits it offers.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which parties who are on opposite sides of a dispute will attempt to work out their differences with the aid of a mediator – a neutral third party who facilitates the discussion. The goal of mediation is for the parties to willingly come to an agreement to resolve their civil dispute. A mediator does not decide any issues or render a final decision, but instead works to find a resolution that is most appropriate for both parties. Mediation can be used at almost any point, whether it is the first step in remedying a dispute or a final attempt to avoid going to court or to trial.

The benefits of mediation include reducing the time, money and energy it takes to litigate a civil case through trial,  gaining a greater understanding of your adversary’s position, and developing a negotiated resolution that, at times, can include terms parties would not be able to achieve directly in court.  In addition to saving time and money, mediation also helps clients reach agreements that are often more effective, because both parties are allowed to have direct input and feel that their concerns are addressed. A skilled mediator acts as a neutral for the best interests of both parties, allowing them to see and consider options they may not have been aware of before.

Talk to an Experienced San Francisco Mediator Today

Founding partner Monique Olivier serves as a mediator to assist parties and their counsel in reaching a negotiated resolution of their civil disputes. After more than twenty years of litigating individual and class action employment, civil rights and consumer cases, Monique has developed a keen ability to assist both sides in evaluating the risks of litigation and the value of settlement and works with the parties and their counsel to develop creative and substantive resolutions. Monique is regularly sought out by counsel for plaintiffs, defendants, and insurance carriers to assist in resolving disputes. Attorneys and their clients have praised Monique’s insights, tenacity, approachability and creativity in settling cases.

If you’re facing a legal issue that you believe could be addressed through mediation, contact our office today by phone or online to learn more.


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