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Are you or have you recently been a customer or employee of the cash advance app EarnIn? You may be entitled to compensation. Olivier & Schreiber is investigating potential claims against “early wage access” (EWA) companies, some of which encourage customers to leave “tips” in exchange for cash advances on their paychecks. In California, tips belong to employees, not employers. You may be entitled to recovery if you, as an employee of any of these companies, do not receive tips from customers on top of your regular wages.

By using a “tipping” system instead of charging traditional fees, EarnIn may also be skirting their responsibilities under state lending laws. By encouraging “tips” some consumers may end up paying more than the maximum interest rate allowed for the product.

In California, payday lenders are only allowed to lend consumers $300 at a time and cannot charge a fee higher than 15 percent. EWA app companies may not call themselves payday lenders, but these apps offer a product that looks virtually the same. The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, as well as other states, has recently been investigating similar companies for violations of lending laws.

We understand that cash advance services or payday loans are convenient and helpful when funds are running low, but these companies cannot be allowed to take advantage of their hardworking customers and employees.

Our attorneys are here to help you hold EarnIn accountable for their actions. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward justice.


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