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Class actions are a powerful type of legal action, but they are often misunderstood. They can help streamline a large number of similar claims against a single business into one legal action, often saving time and effort for one or both sides. They also eliminate the need for individual workers and consumers to argue the same case over and over again in individual proceedings.

The true power of class action litigation is its ability to bring justice to a large group of people who have been similarly affected by the illegal or unethical practices of a company, employer, or the government, and also to bring accountability and change.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Class Action Litigation

The attorneys at Olivier & Schreiber LLP have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in class action cases. We understand what it takes to build and present a successful claim and can help you determine the best course of action in your case.

Common types of class action cases include:

  • Wage & hour – These claims often involve wage theft, break violations, or employees who have been misclassified as exempt or independent contractors by their employers. , .
  • Pay Equity – These claims usually involve women employees receiving less pay for the same work as their male colleagues.
  • Employment discrimination – Employees who experience sexual harassment, discriminatory hiring practices, or a hostile workplace may be eligible for class action claims against an employer or potential employer.
  • Housing discrimination – The Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords from engaging in discriminatory practices against current or potential tenants on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, familial status, or disability.
  • False advertising and/or misrepresentation – The use of false advertising practices is unlawful under federal law as well as California law, which prohibits providing consumers with information about services or products that is misleading or untrue.

These are the types of cases we see most frequently, but there are other instances in which class action litigation may also be appropriate. For a more detailed analysis of your claim, please contact our office.

Our Class Action Lawyers Are Often Recommended by Other Attorneys

Class action lawsuits can be complex and time consuming, and not all attorneys are prepared to handle them. In fact, we frequently receive client referrals from other attorneys who need someone capable of handling a class action case. We are honored to be recommended and trusted by our colleagues and work hard to maintain excellent relationships with our fellow attorneys, ensuring the highest level of professionalism on behalf of our clients.

Our Trusted Class Action Attorneys are Here for You

Class action litigation can help protect a single victim from having to face a daunting legal process against a large corporation all alone. Numerous state and federal laws exist to protect employees and consumers from damage caused by reckless companies. Our attorneys are dedicated to assisting those who have been impacted by illegal employment, consumer or general business practices. If you believe you have been affected by such conduct, please contact our San Francisco class action attorneys today to learn more about your legal options.


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