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August 30, 2022

There’s no denying that we live in a fast-changing technological world. With new technology comes new ways to communicate and collaborate with others, especially through social media. Social media is used all across the globe for various purposes, and many individuals enjoy the benefits that come with it. Though social media can be a great tool in the workplace, it can also have negative consequences as well. Our team at Olivier & Schreiber LLP. is here to help California employees understand the best way to utilize social media in the workplace. 

Social Media Don’ts in the Workplace 

  • Don’t Post Inappropriate or Disrespectful Content 

When using social media, you should always be mindful of the content you’re posting and whether or not it’s appropriate for the workplace. Refrain from using obscene language or offensive symbols in your posts. Not only does this reflect how others perceive you, but it can negatively impact the way they view your workplace. Being respectful online can help promote your company’s culture and gain the trust of potential customers. 

  • Don’t Post Private or Personal Employee Information 

It’s important to refrain from posting personal information about employees online. This helps protect their private details and ensures that employees are safe in the workplace. In addition, workplaces should always ask permission of their employees before including them in a post. 

  • Don’t Forget to Proofread Company Posts

When making a post for your company, always be sure to proofread the content. If your company is consistently posting content that is full of errors, it can make your company look unprofessional. Always ensure that an employee is looking over content before posting for the company. 

  • Don’t Provide Misleading Information

Most companies want to gain followers online and promote their business; however, this shouldn’t be achieved by posting misleading information. For example, companies should never post a fake link or advertise an incorrect product in order to gain attention. Whatever a company posts should be true and accurate in order to provide the best service for customers. 

Social Media Do’s in the Workplace 

1. Do Positively Promote Your Company

Many companies will allow employees to use their personal accounts to promote their workplace. Be sure to ask your employer about their social media policy or employee agreements and abide by any rules set in place for posting about company content. Promoting company content is a great way to gain more customers and spread the word about important information.

2. Do Report Any Issues Immediately

If an employee encounters an issue with social media usage, they should inform the appropriate person immediately. For example, social media accounts can easily be hacked, and false information can be posted on the company’s behalf. In addition, there may be inappropriate comments posted on the page that need to be addressed. Always report any suspicious or harmful content that is found online. 

3. Do Monitor Your Social Media Usage

Though social media can be beneficial in the workplace, too much usage can have its downfalls. For example, if an employee is constantly on social media, it could distract them from their work. Always be mindful of how much time you spend on social media, and make sure to balance this with your workload. 

 4. Do Share Any Ideas to Promote the Company

Employees should be encouraged to share any ideas they have about promoting the company online. If you have an idea that could drive traffic to the company’s social media page, but sure to speak with your employer. 

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