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October 30, 2022

How would you react if you witnessed your employer doing something illegal at the workplace? It’s one thing to suspect your employer; it’s another to see them in the act.

Some workers would pretend as if they didn’t see anything. Other workers would report their employers. Just know that in this situation, you have federal and state rights that protect you from the employer’s wrath. If you suspect your employer is conducting illegal or unethical activity, you need to speak to an experienced wrongful termination attorney about your situation.

What Happens When Your Employer Is Engaged In Illegal Activity?

When your employer is engaged in illegal activity, it always spills over into other job areas. Your employer could be discreet at first. Then allegations start to stir around the workplace. It leads to a hostile work environment, and your paycheck can be affected. If your employer is committing theft, the actual money you are owed could be missing.

How To Handle Your Employer’s Illegal Activity

If you suspect your employer of doing something illegal, you should speak with the employer first before reporting them. Getting their perspective will help bring some clarity to the situation. Maybe the employer is not aware that what they are doing is illegal. You could have possibly misunderstood the situation.

If the employer is aware of their illegal activity and continues to do it, you can report your employer to the human resources department. You can also check your employee handbook to see how to handle these procedures.

Report Your Employer To The Labor Commissioner’s Office

You can also report your employer to the Labor Commissioner’s Office. The Labor Commissioner’s Office is the state agency responsible for investigating labor law violations. When your employer is engaged in illegal activity, they are committing a labor law violation. 

Their deliberate actions will affect all workers if their illegal activity reaches the public. When an employer commits illegal activity, it is hard to regain the public’s trust.

How To File A Labor Law Violation

You can file your labor law violation report in person or online. Each Labor Commissioner has a district office close to many employment places. The report form has a checklist for you to select labor law violations. When you submit the report, include any documents or evidence to validate your claim.

The Labor Commissioner will try to respect your privacy if you want to remain anonymous. But your name may have to be revealed to the employer occasionally.

Fearing Retaliation

One of the main issues you will be concerned about is retaliation from your employer. If your employer tries retaliating against you, you can contact the Labor Commissioner’s Office again and file a complaint.

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