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June 22, 2022

Many people are intimidated when it comes time to meet with a lawyer. You might wonder whether you truly need legal help or feel like you do not have the knowledge to communicate with a legal professional. Rest assured that the first meeting with an employment lawyer will likely make you feel better about your situation and – importantly – more informed about your situation. 

Evaluating Your Situation

First, many people who seek legal help might be unsure whether they have a viable employment law case. Perhaps you suspect you are experiencing sexual harassment, but you are not sure if you are overblowing the matter. Maybe you were terminated, and you think it might be because of a disability, but you do not know how to be sure. The first function of an initial consultation with an employment attorney is to evaluate whether you have a case. 

An employment lawyer will not take every potential client that walks through the door. Taking clients without viable cases is a waste of time and resources for everyone involved. The lawyer should be honest if they think that you have a case. 

If the lawyer thinks your employer violated your rights and you should take legal action, they can also inform you of the legal relief that might be available. While this is never a guarantee of how your case will turn out, they can advise you of possible compensation or other remedies so you can decide whether to pursue the matter. 

Ask All Your Questions

While the lawyer will ask many questions to learn about your situation and concerns, you should also ask questions of the lawyer. A consultation does not mean that you have already chosen a lawyer – the consultation should help you make your decision. You should feel free to prepare a list of questions you have ahead of time so that you do not forget anything. 

Questions can be regarding your case, the lawyer’s experience, how the process works, and more. Some common questions include:

  • How long have you been practicing employment law?
  • Do you focus on one type of case?
  • Will you be handling my case, or will support staff do most of the work?
  • How often will you update me about my case developments?
  • Do you think my case will settle out of court?
  • Do you have litigation experience if my case needs to go to court?
  • How do you charge fees for your services?

Feel free to ask about the lawyer’s prior case results for similar clients, as well as reviews and testimonials from former clients. You can use all this information to decide whether or not to hire this particular attorney.

Discuss Your Concerns with a San Francisco Employment Attorney Today

The initial consultation is an important step in your employment law case, as you want to be sure you hire the right attorney for you and your situation. Never hesitate to speak with the team at Olivier & Schreiber PC and ask any questions you may have. Contact us to learn more about our services today. 




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